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  • Bosch RA1181
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Bosch RA1181
While Bosch mightn’t be superior brand like Festool, it definitely provides the greatest value for money router tables in the marketplace and  is quite a great model.

This table is constructed for the Do it yourself occasional woodworkers and fathers. However, If you’re planning to take up professional or sophisticated jobs, you may like to invest on functionality into something a little more high.

First Perceptions

In the beginning look, the Bosch RA1181 comes off as ergonomic router table and a durable. Aside from the cost that is low, the RA1181 boasts every attribute that is significant that you’d demand from a router table. From a big work surface to an efficient dust collection system and an aluminium router plate, it covers all your foundations.

Assembled and Layout

The router table comes in 3 important components i.e. the table, the router plate and the fence, so the construction procedure is fairly clear-cut.

What we like about it is that it’s rdquo & a 27;-long by rdquo & 18;-broad molded aluminium table that will be just as close as it gets to a full scale models. The surface is quite level and was designed to reduce friction when sliding the piece across the table.

The RA1181 features frac34 & a standard;”-wide by 3/8”-deep miter slot that runs fit with any common miter guide or jig. is along the table and

Aluminum Router Plate

The one thing we loved about the Bosch RA1181 is that it comes along with a tough molded aluminium router plate which comes pre-drilled to be compatible with an extensive variety of routers. Which means if you have a router that you adore, rsquo & there;s a great chance that you wouldn’t have to buy a brand new one simply for the benefit of updating to a table.

The router plate is tough enough to counter the torque created by even powerful routers like the 3 1/4Hp Bosch 1619EVS.

Additionally, it comes along with 3 snap-in inserts that reduce the diameter to rdquo & 1;, rdquo 2&; or 2 ¾” as per your requirement.

Flexible Fence

The flexible fence is supported by an aluminium extrusion 25”-long by 4 7/8”-tall and a pair of 12 ½”-long by 3 ¾”-tall MDF (medium density fiberboard) that may create a middle opening from 0 to 3 ¾”-broad and thus you may use a bit of size upto 3 ½” in diameter.

Dust Collection System and Other Accessories

The RA1181 features a dust collection system which could be attached to a typical 2 1/2-inches hose.

Aside from the router table, you get a set of 3 mounting-plate insert bands, router mounting hardware, double-outlet 15 Amp switch with overload protection, two adjustable featherboards, flexible clear guard, crank pin and guard, and two 1/16-inches outfeed fence shims.

In order that covers pretty much everything you&rsquo up;d need to get started with most of your jobs that are fundamental.

Overall, the Bosch RA1181 is a very well-designed, practical and tough router table which offers considerable of working space and at this price tag.


Overall, the Bosch RA1181 is a very well-designed, practical and tough router table which offers considerable of working space and at this price tag.