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  • Last modified: December 22, 2016

Dewalt DC390B Circular Saw Review

The Dewalt DC390B cordless circular saw is an extremely exact and solid simple tool choice. The cuts are not dirty, the tool is particularly quick and easy to work with. This review will shed some light on the vital features that turn Dewalt DC390B in an excellent add-on to every handyman’s stock.

Principal Characteristics

Dewalt DC390B is a 6.5-inches, 18V circular saw. Its remarkable 3,700 rotations per minute discover just how and powerful and powerful the circular saw is. The depth of the cut is 2.55 inches at 90 degrees and 1.9 inches at 45 degrees. The bevel capability of the tool ranges from zero to 50 degrees.

Regardless to the truth that it’s fairly powerful, Dewalt DC390B is also fairly lightweight. The weight of the tool is only 6.3 pounds, meaning that it may take place and used consistently for the performance of longer and more ambitious jobs. No battery charger is offered in the kit but Dewalt DC390B is not unsuitable with DC9096 18-volt battery pack. In addition, it operates with the charger that is DW9117. The charging time is about fifteen minutes.

Other characteristics ascertain the effectiveness as well as practical allure of the tool. The carbide-tipped blade is specially demanding. A magnesium shoe raises the firmness of the tool as well as the durability even farther. The motor is fan-cooled, which empowers the performance of even the most demanding jobs and protects it.

Largest Edges

Most reviewers that attempted Dewalt DC390B to get a medley of jobs and bought were fairly pleased with its operation. The tool has numerous key strengths that make it better than other tools in the same category.

The grade of the cut is extraordinary. Dewalt DC390B may be useful for both modest and big Do it yourself jobs also it will deliver uniformity. It additionally turns in the best tool for day-long use. Even when place is taken by substantial cutting, the tool isn’t going to extend the arm of the user. Besides being fan-cooled, the motor has one other interesting feature – replaceable brushes. Altering the brushes upon importance expand the tool&rsquo and will enrich the efficiency of Dewalt DC390B;s longevity.

This tool is excellent for the owners of other Dewalt tools. So, the charger as well as batteries might be utilized interchangeably, getting rid of the demand for additional purchases. Quality stuff along with tough design raise the cost to quality ratio considerably. The tool isn’t going to experience any damage, even when it gets dropped inadvertently. Months after the tool doesn extreme use ’t show any signs of tear and wear.

Several Shortcomings

This ring-shaped cord-less tool that is is simple and practical to make use of. Dewalt DC390B has a few shortcomings which have to be mentioned though it will get the job done each time.


The greatest issue is the battery life.

You will most likely have to undergo 3 or 4 battery packs in the event you plan on utilizing the tool all day long. Most other cordless tools on function in the same manner, yet, meaning you most likely already have a concept about it shortcoming. A security button is available and it’s to be pressed at all times for the tool to work. For many users, some difficulties were presented by this design unique. The truth that the trigger needed to be kept pressed at all times made it a little more hard to cut and reduced the firmness of the handle.

Dewalt DC390B is a practical as well as lightweight circular saw.

The dearth of a wire makes it much more easy to use, but the batteries must be altered fairly frequently. Best suited to the requirements Do it yourself home users, Dewalt DC390B in addition has gotten the acceptance of some professionals. Finest Attributes. The motor of this Dewalt 18v cord-less circular saw is fan cooled and has replaceable brushes for greatest durability and power. Since this is the tool only battery isn’t included. This circular saw comes along with a 6.5 inches carbide tipped blade. It’s twice the cutting capacity at 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

It’s not incapable for quick cross cuts and rip cuts. This Dewalt circular saw has a bevel capability selection of zero degrees to 50 levels. It generates the tool flexible enough to do lots of cutting applications. The shoe and top guard of the DeWALT 18V Cordless tool is made of premium quality magnesium for toughness and extra durability. Unbelievable Things That I Really Like about it Circular Saw. DOES THE OCCUPATION: I. Impressed in the working capacity of this Dewalt cordless tool. The last task I did it with the tool is a coaching job for walls. I take advantage of it to cut nearly 3 hundred pieces of 2& 4’s, times.

This tool will do the job I need it to do with no criticisms. LIGHTWEIGHT: I adore as it’s lightweight, this Dewalt 18v tool. It’s streamlined and I my arms do not feel overly tired following a day of sawing. I also will not need to worry about electrical cords, part of the wire getting on my way, and wires becoming sawn. It’s weight as well as the perfect size for my Do it yourself shop in the garage. ROUGH: I.e personally demonstrated stamina and the durability of this cord-less circular saw. I was one day carrying out a cutting job with it while having a break from my work when I accidentally dropped it. I confess that it was my negligence that dropped the tool. To my surprise and relief, it works like prior to the drop.