The Ridgid R4510 Review – Our opinion

It becomes one of the best table saws available. It possesses a unique design combined with a stable structure in spite of its portability. The fence quality is good as well. You will have no problems in maneuvering the table saw or in setting it up. It can collapse just as easily into a compact unit that can be stored effortlessly.

Features of the Ridgid R4510

The weight of the R4510 is 95 pounds that make it quite a heavy table saw. However, the weight is advantageous as it decreases the vibrations. The average height of the table will be good enough for most users as it eases the adjustment and alignment process. Be that as it may, the height cannot be changed to suit user height.

In spite of the weight of the table saw, it is not difficult to move or setup the Ridgid R4510. Plastic has been used in the construction of the wheels which means they require less maintenance than pneumatic tires. On the other hand, plastic wheels will not be capable of performing well on rough terrain. Replacements are easily available, however. It is possible to setup the table with a single hand if required. The weight does create a problem when trying to load the table saw into a vehicle.

The fence is provided in a calibrated state, and it performs reliably. It is a rack and pinion type. It can be set to provide accurate measurements quite quickly. The maximum rip capacity of the saw is 25 inches that are good but unsuitable for a few projects. A vacuum hose can be attached to the port to prevent the accumulation of sawdust. Dedicated storage spaces are available for each accessory.

Ridgid R4510 review - Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

Ridgid R4510 review – Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

The Power and the Blade

The blade in the Ridgid R4510 can rotate at 4000 RPM. Most materials will be cut smoothly without any issues. The motor is a 15 amp one. The blade is capable of cutting through most tough materials. However, it will do not give a similarly good performance for intricate cuts.

The Safety Features

The R4510 has quite some safety features. It is easy to attach the blade guard as well as the anti-kickback pawls without the need for any tools. As the riving knife moves with the blade, its position will always be correct. A power switch has been provided with is large and placed in a location that can be accessed quickly. It is possible to use the knee to shut off the switch in case of an emergency.

The Pros

  • The enhanced portability is a major advantage of the Ridgid R4510.
  • The safety features provided in this table saw are excellent.
  • The vibrations are reduced in the R4510.

The Cons

  • The rip capacity is not good enough though usable for most projects.
  • The RPM of the blade in the R4510 is not as good as the other table saws in its class.
  • The blade provided is not of a very high quality.