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  • DeWalt DWE7499GD Review
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2016
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DeWalt DWE7499GD Review
DeWalt DWE7499GD Review

Specifications So DeWalt have introduced their variety of table saws and the DWE7499GD. Larger than the DWE7480 mobile table as well as the DW745 saws, It fits in their class of “ rdquo & jobsite tool;. Then you’re right now in the event you’re believing that this tool seems familiar. It is an upgrade to the DWE7491RS that is quite popular. It comes along with numerous safety features that are new. Unfortunately rsquo & this doesn;t contain some of technology that is outstanding that SawStop use. It will show that manufacturing companies are beginning to awaken to tool security.

Differences Involving DWE7491RS and the DWE7499GD

There are lots of subtle differences between the two tool’s that may not be immediately apparent but rsquo & we;ll come to those after. The key selling point of this tool is its improved security. DeWalt have selected to call it their “ rdquo & Guard Find; attribute. The tool stops from being used in the event the blade guard is not installed in its appropriate position. It is not impossible to override this attribute, but you’ll manually have to activate the finished ride switch. When the guard is not in its appropriate position, a Light-emitting diode will flash to signal this is the case.

I could see what DeWalt are doing here. They’re not totally ceasing individuals from removing the blade guards, as this would put away many people. Some people will still decide to remove. What they are making you do is think each time that you do. In the event you’re going to take out the guard subsequently be extra alert and be mindful.

DeWalt DWE7499GD Review
Foundation & Stand

As this tool was built to be moved around the job site. DeWalt have done an excellent job on the stand. The legs permit the tool to wheeled away and fold away. It functions nicely, Yet within my view the Gravitation Rise wheeled foundation of the Bosch4100 09 is a first-class manner of moving your tool around.

Table & Fence

We have been given the same rack and pinion fence system as they have with the DW745 as well as the DWE7480 by DeWalt. You could be assured that youwill be competent to place the fence correctly and quickly over and over again. The table size comes in at good 26-1/4 ; &Prime X ; Prime 22&


Occupation jobsite tools need to be light and as we’ve come to expect from all of these kinds of tool, it’s utilizing the 15 Amp brush Motor, which spins at an extremely decent 4800 rpm, which ought to be good enough for most of the preferences on the job website, with the capability to take care of most hardwoods. DeWalt DWE7499GD Table Saw with Guard Find. The DeWalt DWE7499GD Table Saw with Guard Detect is Prime & a 10, job website table saw which comes along with a characteristic which makes sure the user is in charge of determining to make use of the table saw without the guard in position.

There is valid reason behind this. Eventually, in June of this year, a judge dismissed things returned to normal and a related suit from the power tool business. Now, eventually, table saws that are new are just starting to appear on the marketplace and, with new safety features, these tools are arriving such as the DeWalt DWE7499GD. The DeWalt DWE7499GD a sturdy fold rolling stand. Contains has a 32-1/, Prime 2& rip capability and rip ability of the tool is due to an innovative rent fence which is controlled through a powerful and nicely designed gearing system to give it additional capability as well as added strength.

The fence could be set up in two locations, one for ripping material under ~8 inches in width plus one for rip cuts that were broader. There is also an additional attribute we enjoyed about it rip fence, and which was the capability to put it to use for both ripping that is narrow and as a workpiece support that is extended. There exists a thin bar that may be flipped over before the fence. Width. It functions as material support for ripping material up to 32-1/2, in the lesser position may now slide it over the very top of the table saw, and lift it up, yet and give yourself an added 2, for utilizing a push stick of clearance.

This also has the additional advantage of letting you keep the fencing in position when making these sorts of rip cuts that are narrow, better security. The DeWalt DWE7499GD table saw uses the significantly regular rip blade guard which includes a riving knife that shields against kickback no matter the peak of the blade or the position of the blade guard and remains with the blade. There’s also a stand-alone riving knife that may be utilized whenever you definitely have to take away the guard. It’s the mechanism that enables you swap and to remove the riving knife for the blade guard that truly impressed me. A handle in the left side of the table might be pulled out. Throughout the usage of a steel cable the retention system opens supporting the blade, enabling you to effortlessly and instantly replace the guard with the riving knife.


Onboard Tool Storage.

It is worth noting that DeWalt does a superb job of supplying onboard tool storage for blade guard the fence, push stick, key blade, and just a wire wrap for the power cord. DeWalt is believing in the right path, while I’d adore to see producers start using clips, as opposed to the conventional incorporated U shaped wire grabbers, at least. The blade guard storage space specifically is among the simplest I Have ever had access to, where you’re striving to support its use, which can be great on a tool. It is really simple to pack this tool up and feel assured that everything will still be there whenever you get to the shop or back to the job site.

The DeWalt Guard Detect Attribute.

I’d be remiss if I did not discuss the Guard Detect feature on this tool. It is really quite cool, and something which is certain to ease some responsibility on the portion of tool owners. Whenever you try to make use of the DeWalt DWE7499GD without the guard installed, the system neglects to work and flashes a red light over the red paddle switch. To push the tool to work with no guard the bypass knob have to turn once. This enable one functioning of the tool and will turn the light solid. The system resets once the cut is finished.

Each added cut without the blade guard added will need the bypass knob again to rotate. Due to the newest system, the DeWalt DWE7499GD differs from the DWE7491RS by changing system, ” the pushbutton power performance with a more conventional pull to power. On both tools, the tool is disengaged by pressing the red paddle switch. The Guard Detect attribute of DeWalt might not be as hot as a SawStop blade retraction system, but several things are accomplished by it. For one, it offers a process by which there’s no reason for an operator to say they weren’t unaware the blade guard required to be attached.

By introducing a sophisticated emergency blade braking system second, it will not add weight to the tool.

Third, it never ruins the sword by striking it to a grinding stay beneath the table. Here is the strange part, though. The newest DeWalt DWE7499GD now runs $799 at Home Depot and $715 at Amazon.com. You are able to get the close indistinguishable DWE7491RS tool and rolling stand for $565 in The Home Depot and $578 at Amazon.com. Back when SawStop’s technology was being considered by the CPSC, the Power Tool Institute claimed that, in the retail level, executing an innovative system just like a close instantaneous blade brake would result within an added $300 to the retail cost of a table saw. The thing that is strange is the fact that DeWalt, at present, is adding $234 for what’s fundamentally a switch, as well as a flashing light.


That is just another excellent tool from DeWalt. In the event you want portability with great table and an excellent stand size to take care of full size sheets of stuff. Subsequently this tool is undoubtedly worth looking at. The primary thing I’d do though is get myself and throw the blade a good “ rdquo Freud&; blade. It will make an impact to your work. Have DeWalt done enough with this upgrade from the DWE7491RS? Thats debateable. They have put effort into safety features that’s to be commended. But finally its down to you and whether you feel these brand new accessions are worth paying the extra for.

Technical Details

Part Number DWE7499GD
Item Weight 110 pounds
Product Dimensions 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches
Item model number DWE7499GD
Power Source Corded-Electric
Voltage 120 volts
Amperage Capacity 15 A
Item Package Quantity 1
Number of Handles 1
Included Components Bare-Tool
Batteries Required? No
Warranty Description 3 year limited manufacturers warranty