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  • Ridgid R4513
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  • Last modified: December 16, 2016
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RIDGID R4513 Review. Now the RIGID R4513 is updated version of their highly popular STIFF R4510 10 inches portable table saw, the lately published. Now on its face, it’s a table saw that is very striking. Yet info on its release does seem to be lacking that has lead to lots of confusion among customers trying to purchase this tool and not being certain of what they’re in fact getting. Inquiring at retail outlets like Home Depot in store is adding to confusion, since the store staff are not equipped to answer clients questions and queries. In the event that you’re anything like me, you like to actually do your research in the event that you cannot locate the info to make a decision and when purchasing anything, you are more prone to go further and look at distinct merchandise entirely.

Size and Weight.

Thus the R4513 weighs in quite a substantial 95 lbs. That makes this tool among the heftiest in the number of portable table saws, but whenever you look a the size of the table, It provides an extremely remarkable 30.25&Prime, x 21 cast aluminium table that makes this one of the largest mobile table saws available on the market. Two table saws which are not dissimilar in weight as well as size are the DeWalt DWE7499GD which weighs in at 90 pounds and has a table size of 26-1/4, x, Prime 22&. The SawStop JSS MCA weighs in at a hefty 108 pounds and comes along with a 31-1/4 x 22-5/8&Prime.

It is vital to truly have a decent stand now with a table saw this hefty, and I am not sad to see that STIFF have delivered here. They’ve chosen for the barrow sort of stand where the tool is permanently attached and might be transferred to put together style by pressing a foot lever on the stand and rotating it from straight to horizontal from transportation way. Other tools which have this kinds of the stand is a stand 4100- the SawStop JSS MCA and also 09. This can be fantastic for moving around the job site with its 8, rubber wheels, as well as being good for folks with smaller workshops who do not have the space for a table found to be put up most of the time.

Differences in R4513 and between R4510
Dado and blades.


The tool comes along with a 36 tooth ATB carbide tipped blade. It is only Okay, and I’d advocate finding a brand new better, replacement blade, better suited to the sort of woodworking you’ll be doing. The R4513 can accept a 6, stacked dado set with a max width of, Prime 3/4& and does possess the power to cut dado’s. To cut at dado’s you’ll have to have to make use of the additional throat plate that is discretionary, The part number for this is 0892900011 8 3. Your only option is just to make your own should you would like a zero clearance insert. The blade is altered utilizing the two wrenches that were provided. The RF4513 has a throat plate that is rectangular. Plates, where the R4510 uses the more conventional egg-shaped throat.


Fence and Miter

The fence on this tool is telescopic which enables you to make those cuts that are broad. It goes by approx. 10-1/2 ” on the right of the blade, giving you a maximum rent width of 25″ so that you can cut full size 4′ x 8′ sheet stuff. I love that the tape on the railing goes with the fence, which implies you can continue to quantify off your cuts of the railing when it’s went. Despite the fact that I know lots of you’ll still favor to quantify to the blade from the fence. The fence is fairly normal, if you drop the lever, it slips easily and locks at every end. I do feel the pinion and rack fences discovered on most the DeWalt’ locks securely and sq to the blade then what more do you want, when it moves readily, although s are first-class. The miter gauge that is provided is not bad. Its runs and precise nicely in the T fashion miter track on this tool.


As with all portable table saws, The STIFF R4513 comes along with a 15 amp direct drive brush motor, which spins at 4000rom. These tools are not soft, when applying this tool, but having the soft start feature does help. Now it appears the RIDGID have selected to not range from the soft start motor with their new R4513

ridgid r4513 review

Again fairly typical things from STIFF here. It comes along with blade guard that is totally suitable, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. It can be added and removed without using tools. A pin fits right into a notch on the riving knife along with it is secured by a lever on the blade guard in place.

Other Characteristics

And also the extendable fence that is really great. I actually enjoy the blade adjustment knob, It’s intelligent design enables you to control both angle and the height of the blade from one dial. This allows you to turn the handle to change the height of the blade by loosening the centre nut. By turning down the bevel locking lever, you can spin the outer outer wheel on the correcting wheel to set the angle of the blade. On the right part of the blade there is storage for miter gauge and the provided push stick.

The fence detaches and is kept securely on the right hand side of the tool. The R4510 had micro an adjustment dial on the fence. That is currently missing on the R4513 that’s a pity.

On the left hand side of the tool, blade wrenches, spare blades and the blade guard are kept. On the back of the tool there is Prime a 2&; dust interface where one can hookup your shop vac.

Differences in R4513 and between R4510

It is a popular issue with people that are considering purchasing this tool, although there is nothing official from RIDGID on the differences between the two tools. So lets look at what we do know. There is an active dialogue on the RIGID web site that discusses the differences you will find it here:

  1. The soft start feature was removed on the R4513
  2. The throat plate is rectangular on ellipse and the R4513 on the R4510
  3. The throat plate is held down on the R4510 with magnets on the R4513 but a spring lock
  4. The throat plate is levelled on the R4510 with philips head screws on the R4513 but hex screws
  5. The R4513 features a somewhat distinct fence that doesn’t possess the adjustment wheel that is micro
  6. The R4513 has miter gauge and another design push stick
  7. The R4513 includes a motor casing that bolts directly to the rack and pinion bevel adjustment that completely locks in position.
  8. The R4513 has shifted to make use of plastic gears on the blade tilt mechanism. These were metal on the R4510
    Case is more flimsy on the R4513

ridgid r4513 review
The stand on the R4513 feels improved Having a rectangular throat plate, makes it a great deal easier to make your very own zero clearance inserts. Okay its fine to own the micro alteration, but practically most woodworkers will measure from the blade ensure correctness. Its a pity that the soft start feature was removed

Now it appears that the gears that control the height of the blade were plastic on STIFF and the R4510 have kept them plastic on the R4513. The primary difference is with the blade bevel mechanism. STIFF have chosen to make these plastic on the R4513 although these used to be metal on the R4510. I guess FIRM decided to economize cash by changing to get a tough plastic and made the choice that metal wasn’t needed for this part. I don’t see an issue with this, so long as it doesn’ the utilization of the tool affects.

Many people are of the view that the case on the R4510 is not worse than the the R4513. This is someplace that STIFF have made a decision to economize cash. The gray enclosed underside on the R4510 gave more solidity to the tool to a lot.

Its a pity that the soft start feature has been omitted by RIDGID on this found. The thought behind soft start is to defend the motor from damage by increasingly having up the motor to speed over a couple of seconds.


RIDGID have made a tool that was very good here. I think the discussion involving theR4510 and the R4513 will rage on. The discouragement has come from individuals having questions, and not having folks on hand to give consistent and precise responses. There’s plenty of signs on sites and newsgroups where replies from RIDGID appear to contradict each other. For instance the RIDGID answer on the Home Depot web site implies that the distinction between the two models is there’s no soft start on the R4513 where there is on the R4510. This contradicts a mrmaglos answer on the ridgidforum.com where RIDGID technical support allegedly stated that the R4510 did not have a soft start either so no change.

Where the answer RIDGID on was that the R4513 has a soft start that is subsequently contradicted again with Sandyon66. The R4510 was an excellent tool, that has been a tremendous seller, because it ticked plenty of cartons for contractors and woodworkers. The changes appear to be making folks feel short changed as opposed to happy they’re getting the newer better tool, although the R4513 can also be an excellent machine. I am hoping that RIDGID can give conclusive answers to lots of the questions to set would-be clients minds at ease, and after that we could really start to concentrate on the values of the R4513.