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  • SawStop JSS-MCA review
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  • Last modified: December 18, 2016
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SawStop JSS-MCA review
So Now we’re going to look at the SawStop JSS-MCA, The newest table saw offering from these clever security aware folks at SawStop. They’ve managed to do what lots of woodworkers needed and set their security technology that was wonderful right into a mobile job website tool. The JSS MCA can be both larger and more significant than a lot of the other mobile table saw offerings from the likes of Bosch and DeWalt, but I believe that this tool fits flawlessly in their range. Many carpenters are going to be brought to a few of the attributes on this tool that you simply don’t look to discover on the smaller table saws in this group.

SawStop JSS-MCA review – Security.

The greatest selling point of each SawStop tool is security as well as the JSS-MCA is not any exception. The exceptional braking technology has been integrated by them within this tool exceptionally nicely. Several folks are leery of the technology due to the chance for false positives which might happen with nails or wet wood, but SawStop have resolved this very well by integrating some intelligent by passing technology. In the section for cut foundation you may override the automatic brake. There exists additionally a smart notification system in case the cut you simply made would have activated the brake on the tool which will tell you.

In the event the brake does get activated then this may mean a fresh brake cartridge and blade before you start utilizing the tool again and can reset, but I had rather pay a modest cost for all those than a visit to the emergency department and maybe several fingers lighter. Foundation and Stand. The SawStop JSS MCA comes along with a foldable wheeled foundation that is great. 09 stands available on the Bosch 4100-. The stand includes wheel barrow design handles Ideal for going over rough job site terrain, and big heavy duty wheels. This tool weighs in at 108lbs with the handcart so comes in a little more heavy than other jobsite tools so its great they’ve show up with an excellent method of transferring it around.

SawStop JSS-MCA review
Table and Fence.

Using a table that is retracted size of 31-1/4&Prime, W x 22-5/8. The SawStop JSS MCA provides an excellent table size as well as utilizing the sliding extension you get maximum rent capacity of 25.5&Prime, which means you can easily rip full size 4&prime, x 8&prime, sheet stuff. The fence can also be great, This Is a T fashion fence that locks in position quickly with a push lock on the very best of the fence and glides quite easily within the table. It reveals no flex and establishes absolutely square to the blade, although it clamps on the very front of the tool only.



As you’d expect the SawStop JSS-MCA comes along with a great blade guard and riving knife system, to help in preventing fingers and kickback touching the blade, and I am going to advise that you keep on where possible as it’s great practice this. In case the expansion table slides out you can get most of the accessories. Which includes a riving knife, allen wrenches and miter gauge to be used when you’re not using the blade guard. There is also a section to store spare brake cartridges.


The motor on this found, as you’d expect from a jobsite portable saw is a 15 amp 1.5HP brush motor that spins at 4000 RPM with no load. Its a great motor that is powerful and cuts on a big number of stuff well including treated timbers and thicker hardwoods.

SawStop JSS-MCA review
Bosch vs SawStop – Comparing Characteristics

The Bosch 4100 actually is a tool that is great, and it set the platform under which the new Reaxx power saw was developed. Both tools still have onboard storage for rip fence and the guard system as good as blade wrenches and even added blades. It’s the superior flesh finding technology of the Reaxx system, nevertheless, that gets the $599 price tag of the 4100-09 and bound it to $1499. With that in your mind, it’s only fair to compare the newest Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop JSS-MCA Jobsite table see which could be ideal for the firm and saw.

Bosch Reaxx vs SawStop JSS- Outfeed & MCA Rip Capacity

The newest Bosch Reaxx table saw has a rent capacity of 25 inches. You simply lift a reddish release lever on the very front of the tool, slide out the fence to the right, and after that lock it back down. Both places are covered by the double scale on the fence, to ensure you may continue to make precise cuts. The part of the table that moves with the fence provides material support.

The SawStop jobsite table saw has a similar rent capacity of 25.5 inches, and placing the table is equally simple. About the Bosch 1041A, nevertheless, a movable outfeed provides you an added 18-inches of support off the back of the tool—something not supplied in its jobsite model by SawStop. This attribute can also be accessible as an accessory on the present Bosch 4100 tool, yet it comes standard on the Bosch Reaxx.


SawStop have made an excellent tool with JSS MCA, which has answered lots of questions from lots of woodworkers. Itis an excellent merchandise with precision and security at its heart. It is not cheap when compared with other table saws in the “jobsite” mount but you do actually get what you buy.