How To Build A Wooden Deck - building a wooden deck

How To Build A Wooden Deck

How To Build A Wooden Deck? 

Do you think that a wooden deck on your property would improve the overall look and feel of it? Then, you need to know how to create one yourself. Before you start, clean the area. If there is any old cement structure that you do not need anymore, clear those. Now you need to mark on the ground for making the holes. Each hole should be around 10-12 inches in diameter. You now need to use equipment like metal bars and hole diggers to dig out the holes. You need to dig in well below the frost line. Now you need to put forty to sixty pounds of dry concrete mixes to the bottom of each hole that you made. Once the mixes go in, now it’s time for putting in water to mix the concrete. You need to put about half a gallon of water into each of the holes. Leave it overnight to harden. Do not fill the holes completely with concrete as when there is the frost, it will move the pillar and make the deck inconsistent.

Building a wooden deck

Now you need to cut wooden poles of equal sizes and put those at the same elevation into each of these holes and make them firm. Now, planks of wood are cut to make the wooden deck with. You must remember to put landscape fabric underneath the deck. This would prevent any shrubs and grass to grow underneath. Now attach the planks one after the other to form a wooden deck. You can even attach a bench to one side of the deck and put a fresh coat of paint on it.