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  • Last modified: December 16, 2016
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I’d like to look in the Craftsman 21807 10 Inch Portable Table Saw today. Craftsman have managed to pack plenty of attributes into a spending budget table saw, although this can be among the more affordable mobile table saws accessible. In the event that you really are a home/hobby woodworker then I would suggest that you take a great look at what as it might tick lots of cartons for you, this tool has to provide. It’s a laser mounted so that you can line up your cuts readily to the riving knife that projects a line on to your workpiece.

In addition, it has a decent rent capacity as well as a great wheeled foundation. However there certainly are several things gauge and to be mindful of like the non standard miter slot. Do not let this catch you if you are planning to use after market miter gauge. Size and Weight. The Craftsman 2180 7 weighs in at a good 63.8 pounds, which isn, t the lightest portable table saw around. That prize goes to the DeWalt DWE7480 which weighs in at an incredibly light 48lbs. When it comes to weight this tool is on a level with the Boasch 4100-09 which weighs in at 63 pounds.

The Craftsman 21807 has an outfeed extension that folds to give you added support when ripping long sections of lumber as well as two excellent extension wings. The measurements of the tool are 34.5&Prime, broad x 58&Prime, deep thanks to the fold up out feed table and measure 35&Prime, high. The table size is 25&Prime, x 19 5/8&Prime, and features 2 extendable wings that suggests you get a 55 1/2&Prime, broad surface, giving you a maximum rent of 24&Prime, not only to the left of the blade, but also to the right. Which I have not seen on any other portable table saw.

Craftsman 21807 Review

Craftsman 21807 Review
This tool comes along with a strong steel foundation that is very. It’s really comparable to the sort of stand that’s located on lots of contractor fashion table saws that are larger. It comes with the extra attribute of wheels on the left side enabling you to readily lift and move the table saw around job website or your workshop. The tool can readily be removed from the foundation with 4 clips of the table saw. Making it more easy to carry and store. Dado and blades. The Craftsman 2180 7 comes along with 36 tooth carbide tipped 10 inch blade with a regular 5/8&Prime, arbor significance you will not have any problem locating a decent. That was after market blade The 36&Prime, tooth blade is totally sufficient for rough ripping, by updating the blade, but you’ll actually see a difference. A dado blade will be accepted by this tool and you’ll soon be in a position to cut at a maximum of 1/2&Prime. Dado, Many mobile table saws really are able to cut dado up to, Prime 3/4&.

Fence and Miter

The tool comes along with a fairly conventional aluminium T-fashion fence. It locks into position securely and sq to the blade and runs easily on the railing. you’ll require to be constantly aware that the miter gauge and track is not the typical 3/4″ x 3/8″ so you won’t be able to use an aftermarket miter gauge (unless you make your very own). Now for a lot of people this won’t be an issue as the provided T-Design Miter gauge is going to be more than sufficient to your conditions.


As with pretty much all mobile table saw’s the Craftsman comes along with a 15 amp direct drive brush motor. Light although its loud, that is the reason they are used. It is got a max rate of 5000 rpm and you’ll uncover that it is not weak enough to deal with pretty much anything you throw at it, including hardwoods that were thicker.


The Craftsman 21807 comes along with a fairly typical modular blade guard, which consists of riving knife, a plastic blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. I have learned some reports of users of this tool believing that the anti-kickback pawls are somewhat stiff as well as in the workpiece has been indicated by some event. The 21807 includes a laser that mounts on the riving knife, which projects a line onto the table consistent with the blade. This allows you to line upward your workpiece with the line, giving you the assurance of an exact cut.


So what we have here’s a table that was very competent saw at a great cost. This might well be the perfect tool for you in the event you’re new to woodworking or looking to get a table saw to help you with home renovations subsequently for the cost. So can comfortably manage full size sheet stuff, it is an outstanding rent capability and the out feed extension causes it to be a lot safer for longer work pieces.

It comes along with a simple dust bag set system which fits to the bottom of the tool. It’s not really efficient and you’ll uncover that you wind up with saw dust around the location. I have mentioned before that the Craftsman 21807 does not have so if you do plan on using after market miter gauges, you’ll be disappointed, the standard size miter gauge. but for all things considered this is a great table saw for the cash.