How to Build a High Tunnel Greenhouse

Shopping List for The method to Create a High-Tunnel Greenhouse:
– 1-inch-diameter Polyvinyl chloride pipe, to create framework of tunnel that is high
– 1 1/4-inch-diameter coupling, reducer Polyvinyl chloride conduit and to make sleeve that fits over galvanized conduit
– Pressure- foundation and treated 2x4s
– Pressure- for framing two doors
– 4-mil clear plastic sheeting, to cover the Polyvinyl chloride framework
– 3- for attaching 2x4s inches screws
– Galvanized conduit, to fix the Polyvinyl chloride conduit to the earth
– Polyvinyl chloride cement and primer, for pasting together Polyvinyl chloride conduit and fittings
– Metal conduit mounts with 1 1/4-inches screws , washers and used to fasten Polyvinyl chloride conduit to 2×4 foundation
– Six 3-inches butt hinges, for hanging two doors
– 1/4-inches staples, to fasten the plastic sheeting

Tools List for The method to Create a High-Burrow Greenhouse:
– Cordless drill, to drill holes
– Impact driver, for driving screws
– Circular saw, to cut 2x4s
– Auger, in soil to drill holes
– Little sledgehammer, for hammer in galvanized conduit
– Polyvinyl chloride tool, to cut plastic conduit
– for attaching the plastic sheeting Staple gun
– Utility knife, to cut plastic sheeting

Measures for The strategy to Create a High-Burrow Greenhouse:
1. Fasten together the 2×4 foundation with 3-inches screws.
2. Use auger and a drill to bore 1
16. Use the plastic sheeting to cut around each door.