how to build shelves in a closet?

Are you on a tight budget and planning to build a DIY closet? You must remember that a closet is incomplete without shelves. You need to learn how to build shelves that will fit snugly without any gaps. For making the shelves, the primary item you’d need is furring strips, which you can get at a local lumber were the shop. You need to consider the length and the stripes and the number of stripes that you’d need. Once you got all the furring strips in place, now it is the time to cut the shelves to fit the closet that you are making.

how to build shelves in a closet

how to build shelves in a closet

Setting the shelf

To have well-fitted shelves, you need to make sure that you take the measurements correctly. You may use different types of measuring instruments to cut the shelves to exact size. When you initially try to put a piece of board to the furring strip, it might not fit in perfectly and you may need to cut it to shape. You can use a saber saw for cutting and shaping the board that you’d use for making the shelves.

Things to remember

When cutting and shaping the boards for making the shelves, there are two most important things you need to remember – use safety glasses as the wooden splinters that are produced while cutting a wooden board can cause irreparable damages to the eyes, and second thing that you need to know is that before cutting the board, attach a colored tape, which would prevent unwanted chipping t the sides of the board.