What Is the Best Wood For Building Furniture?

Wood is most often used for making furniture. Wood is sourced from the trees, are seasoned and cut into different shapes, and are made into the desired shape of furniture. The type of wood that you use determines the strength and aesthetic appeal of the finished product. There are different types of wood available for furniture making. If you want to know the best wood for building furniture, you need to know the type of wood that you are using. Wood can broadly be divided into two main types – the softwood and the hardwood.

What Is Best Wood For Building Furniture

What Is Best Wood For Building Furniture

Soft wood that is the best wood for building furniture

Softwood does not mean that the wood is too weak and soft to be made into furniture. Coniferous trees produce softwoods. You can find fir, cedar, and pine among the variants of softwood that are available for making furniture. Soft wood tends to be reddish or yellowish. It is also important to note that softwoods are cheaper than hardwoods. Given below is a list of softwoods that are available for woodworking:

  • Cedar: Western red cedar is the most commonly used cedar for making furniture. As the name implies, this is reddish in color. As this is a softwood, it can be carved very easily. It has a characteristic aromatic smell and is with a softer grain as compared to other types of softwood. In addition to furniture, building exteriors, decks, and other wooden utilities are made from this softwood.
  • Fir: This wood is often referred to as the Douglas Fir. It has a straight, pronounced grain. It has a reddish brown tint to it that makes it distinctive from other types of woods in the market.If you try to paint fir, you must know that the result will be very impressive. It also does not have an impressive grain pattern. This wood is hard enough for a ‘softwood’.
  • Pine: There are different types of pines available in the market like White, Yellow, and the Sugar. All kinds of pines can be used for making furniture. Pine is the softwood that can be used for making furniture. It is easy to carve pinewood for making designer furniture.
  • Redwood: This is the wood that is mostly used for the outdoor projects because it is moisture resistant. As the name suggests, there is a reddish tint to the wood.


There are varieties of hardwoods that are available. They have a broad range of colors, textures, and grain patterns. Hardwood is usually expensive as compared to softwoods. Given below is a list of a few common types of hardwoods:

  • Ash: The typical color of this wood is white and often a pale brown. It is a hardwood that is pretty easy to work with. However, Ash is only available with large scale lumberyards, and you may not find it quickly in local furniture stores. It is often used in place of white oak.
  • Birch: There are two main varieties of birch – white and yellow. It is less expensive as compared to other hardwoods that are available in the market. It is moderately hard and is suitable for making all types of furniture.

In addition to these, there is the popular oak, maple, and teak, which can make durable and beautiful furniture.